Chris Callaway at Standing Rock Camp

With the weight of my father's old 35mm Minolta SLR in my hands, the world became a canvas. That moment in high school birthed a passion, an obsession even. The camera, a faithful companion, opened doors to a myriad of extraordinary souls. Gratitude fills my heart for these encounters.

Sixteen years etched on film, a journey mixed with the evolution of my very being. The friends of Los Angeles witnessed my early days, chasing after the essence of fashion in the form of look-books and editorials. There, under the guidance of designer Rober Rodriquez, I honed my craft. New York City beckoned. Its pulse guided my lens toward portraits that graced the pages of Fast Company, Men's Health, Billboard Magazine, and many more.

Life, a masterful storyteller, led me to a different chapter. Now, a father and a husband, I find solace in the embrace of the Hudson Valley, with the distant skyline of NYC serving as a reminder of the journey. My focus has shifted, aligning with a diverse variety of brands and businesses. In every photograph, there's a hint of whiskey's warmth, the crunch of leaves beneath hiking boots, the rugged texture of work-wear, and the aroma of smoldering BBQ. Here, in this blend of family, art, and commerce, I find my purpose, a purpose captured frame by frame, in the timeless dance of light and shadow.


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